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Our client is a pioneer in Drug Discovery and Development and is among the frontrunners in Personalised Healthcare. As the world's largest R&D spender in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics domain, they work across a vast array of drug discovery and therapeutic areas, enjoying high international recognition.

For their headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, we are currently seeking a:

Contractor for ADME – Enzymology and DDI

This is a 12-month contract position with the possibility of extension. Focused primarily on small molecule projects, we are seeking a motivated candidate to address gaps in the ADME field for drug development. The position entails advancing in vitro assay techniques to estimate fractions metabolized by enzymes to support clinical PK prediction and drug-drug interaction (DDI) risk assessment for small molecule portfolios.


  • Conduct laboratory-based assays in in vitro enzymology/DDI and allied experimental areas of small molecule drug metabolism, such as incubating test substances using hepatocytes, human liver microsomes, and recombinant enzymes.
  • Analyze incubation samples via LC-MS/MS and radio-HPLC, including bioanalytical method development and/or validation.
  • Plan, monitor, communicate, and report enzymology/DDI studies in both drug discovery and drug development settings, reporting to laboratory staff and supervisors.
  • Perform rigorous verification and develop best practices to improve regular enzymology/DDI assays where current approaches are inadequate.
  • Some time may be spent supporting the development of new enzyme phenotyping methodologies and approaches with the help of automation.


  • BSc or MSc degree in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacokinetics, or equivalent discipline with an interest in drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics (DMPK), and pharmacodynamics (PD). (Recent PhDs might be considered—please note that this is a laboratory-focused position.)
  • Good knowledge of metabolic enzyme biochemistry (e.g., CYP450, UGT), hands-on/experimental enzyme kinetics assessment, and respective experimental designs.
  • Experience in bioanalytical method development/validation for radio-HPLC (e.g., Thermo®) and LC-MS/MS (e.g., Sciex®). This includes troubleshooting and data analysis (e.g., using Analyst® software).

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