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CTC Talent Care Team endeavors to make every employee feel welcome in CTC’s diverse community of Life Science industry professionals and are here to help you!

“CTC Talent Care starts at the point of a candidate accepting a position. We support them from on-boarding to their final day and beyond. We are proactive in understanding how each person is doing in their role, from their own perspective and that of the clients, and help by creating an inclusive community of Life Science professionals.”

Andrea Fischer, RM Specialist

Andrea Fischer_W3A3690
The CTC Talent Care team are fully dedicated to the successful and smooth on-boarding of each contractor employee. Their aim is to make you feel well supported from the very start of employment, and along every step of your employment journey. From assistance with administrative tasks to more individual needs, the CTC Talent Care team is there to help - so that you can focus on your work. They care for a diverse group of people working in a wide variety of roles, so they encourage and create opportunities for them to connect and profit from this network on a professional and interpersonal level. As “a great place to work” we understand the importance of community and believe that happy employees create a positivity and optimism that benefits their work, team collaborations and often radiates out beyond the workplace too.
Valerie Camille_W3A9786
“In the CTC Talent Care Team we keep an open mind and attentively listen to our employees to understand what they need from the first instance. Having that willingness to listen and to understand that people are more than just their job and that you need to treat them as a whole package. It’s also very much about sharing experiences and helping each-other grow so that no one is fending for themselves. There is so much to learn from others, so let’s find solutions together.”

Valérie Camille, RM Specialist

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